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hollie chastain

it's called "indian pipe" or "corpse plant." spooky. isn't it? it's one of my favorites!



I always take pictures when I see them - I found pink ones a looong time ago :)

Anitra Cameron

Wow. I've never seen any like that, and they're freaky-wonderful! Where did you find them?


So they're actually flowers? That's crazy! I'm glad to read I'm not the only one who thinks they're fungus, though.

I found these in a little park across the street from my day job, where I often sit and read on my breaks. It's actually quite a magical place. There are rats (which I'm quite fond of, although no one else seems to see their beauty), wild blackberries, all manner of crazy mushrooms, hummingbirds, and once a spider that wove a web on my skirt (I think I took a longer break than I was supposed to that day).

K. McCullough

They work like Ghost Orchids and are a parasite off tree roots. They look quite alike as well (they are in the same genus as the Eurasian Gohst Orchid). Pretty cool what nature can come up with!


I'm constantly amazed at the things we find in nature. Case in point, bees:

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